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Freedom IOT is a regional SaaS provider that helps manufacturing plants increase efficiency on the floor, reduce machine downtime, and better locate issues and errors in their operations. Freedom IOT is regionally recognized as one of the best manufacturing SaaS companies as well as for their advanced integrations with artificial intelligence. As large as Freedom IOT is, they needed a team of SEO experts to capitalize on organic market share.

Increased Organic Traffic from 920 visits a month to 6,300 (7x)

We were able to grow their monthly organic traffic by this amount by: Identifying content gaps between their website and their competitors. Created and optimized high-quality articles that touched on these topics identified. Fixed and cleaned up technical issues with their website (404 pages, broken internal links, redirects).

Increased Quality Leads from 20 a month to 440 (22x)

When we first started working with Freedom IOT, there was room for us to improve their conversions. Working on their website, we helped create better value offerings, brought those value offerings upfront on the website, and improved tracking capabilities to capture website activity. The result of which we saw an 20 leads a month to 440!

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