50,000 extra visitors in 4 months and an 83% increase in Revenue

It's been about 4 months since I partnered with this brand and I just hit the 100,000 visits/mo mark, doubling their traffic and increasing organic revenue by 83%.

Sufficed to say... they're a (very) happy client.

These are the exact steps I took to get these results.

1a) Fixed technical SEO errors. 99% of images weren't optimized= slow site Google HATES slow websites. Your customers hate it even more. If your site takes longer than 3 sec to load, your customer will bounce off your website. And look at your competitors instead.


They had 44 internal links pointing to a broken page.

For this, I either deleted the page if it wasn't needed or reinstated it.

Broken links murder rankings and hurt conversions.

Nobody wants to click on something and see a 404 page.


99% of pages didn't have a meta description...

so Google would create a shitty one, which hurts CTR.

This leads to poor rankings because Google thinks "nobody is clicking on this site, therefore it's bad."

I created enticing meta descriptions with keywords included.

1d) A LOT of duplicate pages.

Would you personally consider a site with a lot of duplicate content to be authoritative?

Yea, Google doesn't either

For this, I killed pages, rewrote content, changed keyword targeting, or used canonical tags.

1e) Inefficient cache policy

I updated their cache policy so it would store more static assets in their user's cache.

Basically, this just makes their website faster for repeat visits because the site doesn't need to load from scratch.

These changes alone created a noticeable upwards spike in traffic, as ctr, website speed, and UX shot through the roof.

But I was just getting started…

2) Next, I reworked their site structure and internal link game.

This stuff is huge...

Not only does a clean site structure have a massive impact on UX(and helps funnel conversions)

But it also is like steroids for your traffic growth.

Let me explain…

Through crawlers, Google can see and interpret your entire website structure.

With an SEO-optimized website structure, you show Google which pages are most important.

You also show Google that you are an expert in specific topics.

And this is done with internal links.

The strategy I used with this brand is called a silo structure.

I've talked about this in detail before, but the gist is that you link from your general category pages to relevant topics, and so on.

Ex of 1 silo)

Boots>Men's boots>hiking boots> how to wear hiking boots

This link structure makes it clear to Google that you are an expert in boots, which makes it easier to rank for anything related to boots.

It also allows link equity to flow through your site, essentially multiplying the value of your backlinks(more on that later)

3) With these huge needle-movers out of the way, I moved into the content.

Lots of agencies love targeting top-of-funnel keywords because they're easy...

The problem with these though is that they don't lead to many conversions.

Which is what we really care about.

I structured their content marketing campaign specifically so that it would push customers down the funnel and boost the rankings of bottom-funnel pages.

These are your category/product pages that bring home the big bucks.

Using that internal link structure I mentioned earlier, I was able to increase our client's topical authority and topical relevance at the same time.

The results were incredible.

Pages that were stuck on page 3 for almost a year suddenly shoot up to the bottom of page 1.

But I wasn't satisfied with the bottom of page 1...

So I employed stage 4:

Our world-class link building

Links are the biggest investment in SEO, but also tend to drive the biggest results.

I directed links to a few key pages.

1) Category

2) Product

3) Top of funnel

I ensured that the strongest links had the best anchor text(ie, keyword/kw variations)

All the while ensuring the anchor text profile remained natural with variations on weaker links.

This ensures that I minimize the risk of link building while maximizing the results.

The end result?

100,000 visits/mo and an 83% increase in revenue.

This traffic will continue to compound, and drive sales without cutting into their margins.

SEO is unarguably the highest ROI marketing out there.

And if you're not doing it, you are WILLINGLY burning money.

if you'd like my team to come in and do all of this for you, book your free discovery call below.

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