"I'll grow your brand's organic traffic and only charge you a small pittance of the revenue that I bring in. "
Pay-on-Results, Revenue-Based SEO

How 2 Big Lies Are Preventing You From Unleashing Your Revenue Potential

You’ve been lied to.

Lied to by agencies who want to take your budget and escape accountability.

Lied to by ‘gurus’ with no practical experience.

Worse, you’ve been lied to by colleagues and mentors who’ve been burned by these guys and declared that ‘SEO doesn’t work!’.

Perhaps you drank the Kool-Aid and believe that success in SEO is hit-and-miss.

Maybe you prefer to focus your investment on ‘reliable’ channels like PPC.

But what if I told you there was another way?

A proven, scalable way to use SEO to drive predictable sales?

Contrary to what you’ve been told, it is possible to use SEO to drive consistent, scalable traffic to your website.

It is possible to take a brand new site from zero to thousands of unique visitors in just 4 short months.

It is possible to build an insanely profitable digital marketing strategy with SEO as its cornerstone.

Give me a few minutes of your time, and I’ll show you how you can add thousands of dollars in additional revenue to your site, every single month.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to focus on to consistently drive search traffic to your website.

Let me start by dispelling those lies you’ve been told about SEO once and for all.

Lie #1: SEO Results Take a Long Time

Let’s get real for a moment.

Google is a trillion-dollar company.

Do you really believe they can’t quickly detect and respond to changes on your website?

Believe me, Google knows about any changes soon after you make them. If your site is already well established they’ll know even sooner.

The truth is that it doesn’t take a long time to see real results from SEO.

If you make changes that improve the quality of your page, your rankings will rise very quickly.

Lie #2: Google is Unpredictable

This won’t surprise you, but Google’s search listings aren’t created by some overworked staffer who manually reviews millions of different websites.

Google spends billions every year funding PHDs with planet-sized brains to spend all their time developing and refining their search algorithms.

It’s these algorithms that determine where your pages show up in the search results.

Unlike people, algorithms are predictable.

They don’t have bad days.

They don’t get distracted by gossip.

They don’t play favorites.

They just constantly run, scoring millions of pages every second of the day.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that if you understand how the algorithms rank content you can implement a strategy that achieves top rankings, every time.

It means you can focus on what Google actually looks for, ignoring the fluff that does nothing but waste your time and resources.

Both of these lies are stopping your site from earning as much as it could.

When I speak to entrepreneurs like you, they consistently tell me that their belief in these lies is why they’ve not invested more in SEO services.

There’s a reason these lies are so common...

They’re spread by people who are either incompetent or outright malicious.

Worse, people who charge to feed you this garbage!

Let me explain...

The SEO Agency Scam

It’s a sad fact: most SEO agencies don’t know what they’re doing.

They haven’t spent time in the trenches or developed their own systems that actually deliver results.

Instead they blindly copy what they’ve read online.

They regurgitate the latest ‘wisdom’ they’ve read on the search engine blogs or heard from their favorite guru.

If you happen to see a boost in rankings from their ‘efforts’? They’re only too happy to take the credit.

But what happens when rankings tank and your revenue falls?

Do they take the blame?

Do they give your money back?

Of course not.

They shrug their shoulders, tell you that ‘Google is unpredictable’, and bill you for another month.

And why should they care about your results?

Most agencies demand a commitment of 12 months or more, meaning that you’re locked in even if you don’t see any improvements.

Is it any wonder they try to convince you that results take a long time? Talk about a way to guarantee their earnings!

Of course, there is one thing worse than incompetent agencies.

I’m talking about agencies who use shady techniques.

You hire them because they promise you fast rankings.

What’s more, they actually deliver on their promise. Suddenly you start to see traffic pouring into your site.

You start to see sales increase.

You’re rubbing your hands with glee, dreaming of what you’re going to do with the extra income and then… boom.

You lose traffic. Not just on the pages that the SEO agency ‘optimized’.

On every page.

Across the whole site.

Overnight, you’ve gone from floods of search engine traffic to barely a trickle.

Your SEO agency won’t give you answers. At least nothing beyond that big lie - ‘Google is unpredictable’.

Turns out, those fast results came from black hat tactics that earned you a big manual penalty.

Unpicking that mess could take you months, if not years.

In the meantime, you’ve lost all of your revenue from search traffic. You need to massively increase your digital ad spend to bridge the gap.

Far from generating extra income from search, you’re spending more and more just to stand still.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Your Golden Opportunity

The lies about SEO are infuriating.

SEO charlatans messing with people’s businesses and livelihoods boils my blood.

But you should be delighted.


Because these problems in the industry have created a massive opportunity for you.

Many of your competitors have been burned by bad agencies.

Many of them believe the myths about achieving top search rankings.

They’ve effectively abandoned SEO to focus on other traffic sources.

Now you know you can get quick and predictable results via SEO, you get to take advantage of this uneven playing field.

In as little as 4 months, you can generate a huge return on your investment by turbocharging your rankings and scooping up hungry traffic.

The best part?

None of this is either/or.

SEO doesn’t, and shouldn’t, replace a solid paid marketing strategy.

What it does do is bring you more revenue from highly-qualified, hungry buyers.

This is extra cash that you can reinvest into other channels, outspending your competition and dominating your market on all fronts.

Real SEO helps you magnify your ROI, and I’m here to show you how to do it.

Who Am I?

My name is Marvin Dominguez.

Five years ago, I was running an eCommerce site for my mother’s business.

I pulled many all-nighters building the site into something I was incredibly proud of.

When the time came to launch, I was expecting floods of customers to the site straight away.

I was left disappointed.

The traffic I was hoping for never came.

Going back to the drawing board, I became obsessed with SEO.

I read everything I could get my hands on. I devoured all of the ‘information’ pumped out by the gurus.

Unfortunately I still had nothing to show for my efforts even after months of acting on what I learned.

With nowhere else to turn I reached out to the top SEO agencies for help.

What an eye-opener.

Time and time again I was told that not only could it take years to see results, but I might not see the results I wanted at all because, you guessed it, ‘Google is unpredictable’.

Even then, I knew that was complete bullshit.

Disgusted by how these agencies operated, I set about educating myself.

This time I ignored the noise of the gurus and search engine blogs. Instead, I went straight to the source.

I spent weeks reading Google’s search patents.

I wanted to understand exactly what Google were looking for when they ranked web pages.

I knew that by figuring out the key factors that influenced the algorithm, I could get predictable results from my optimization efforts.

I wasn’t expecting to discover what I did.

Turns out, more than 80% of your SEO efforts are a complete waste of time.

I have proven this over and over again by using my research to create a system which has helped dozens of websites achieve top rankings.

The truth is there are just 3 things that make the difference between page one riches and page two obscurity.

Let me explain exactly how you can leverage these factors to boost your rankings and revenue.

How You Can Turn Google Search Into A Predictable Source of Sales?

If you’ve spent any time researching SEO, you’ll have seen those lists of ‘101 ranking factors’.

They’re all complete nonsense.

There are only 3 things you need to focus on for top rankings.

By focusing with surgical precision on what matters and cutting out the fluff, you can rank faster than you imagined possible.

    Here’s all that matters for page one rankings today:

  • Content

  • Backlinks

  • Site Structure

That’s it.

That’s all you need to care about.

By focusing on just these 3 aspects of your site you will see a dramatic improvement in traffic.

Let me break it down for you.


Remember what I said about Google being an algorithm? Unlike a human it can’t read your writing.

It has no idea if you’re a budding Hemingway or can barely write a coherent sentence.

All the algorithm does is check your content according to several key factors.

How do you know what Google wants to see for a specific search term? Just Google it!

Google is literally telling you what they want - you just need to pay attention.

Creating quality content comes down to observing what’s already ranking and improving on it.

For example, look at how many words are on the top page. You’ll need at least that many words to compete.

How is the page structured?

What topics does it cover?

These are all factors that you should take note of when putting together a content plan.

Of course, creating great content is pointless if no one sees it. That’s why you need links to your site.


An effective backlink strategy is based on quality, not quantity.

Forum links, blog comments, social media links are all useless. They do NOTHING for your rankings.

The same goes for link farms - those sites that link out to seemingly everyone.

Believe me, if anyone can get a backlink, you don’t want it.

If you get thousands of low-quality links, the best-case scenario is that Google will simply ignore them.

Worst-case? Your site could be slapped with a penalty, sending your site to Google's graveyard - never to be seen again.

Valuable links that improve your rankings come from sites that only link out sparingly. Sites that have a lot of inbound links themselves.

These are the sites you need to be working with to see an impact from your link building efforts.

But let me share an ugly truth about backlinks.

They’re pay-to-play.

I know, I know...

In a perfect world website owners would only link to sites that they truly believe are useful. They certainly wouldn’t charge the site to link to them.

Unfortunately reality doesn’t work that way.

You can get almost any link you want if you’re willing to pay the right price.

But be careful.

There are a lot of backlink scammers out there.

Websites that make themselves look legit but just sell links indiscriminately.

Sites that you actually want links from get real traffic, are regularly updated and well maintained. They’ll also practice some quality control - they don’t link out to complete garbage.

Considering the effort and expense that goes into building backlinks, you need to squeeze every last drop of value out of them.

To do that it’s vital that your site is set up the right way.

Site Structure

Site structure is the 3rd and final pillar for top rankings.

Internal links between your pages help to share the ‘link juice’ from your backlinks to other pages on your site, multiplying their impact.

This is a truly overpowered method for improving your site’s rankings and is absolutely free.

You just need to make sure that pages with powerful backlinks have links in their content to other, relevant, pages on your site.

In turn, those pages should have link to other relevant pages.

By setting your site up with an effective internal linking structure you can give your backlinks a shot of nitrous and race up the rankings.

I promise you, focusing on these 3 pillars will do more for your search engine rankings than any other strategy promoted to you by gurus or SEO agencies.

I’ve used this approach for numerous clients who have seen their search traffic explode as a result.

But I get it.

Developing great content, finding good backlinks amongst heaps of garbage and implementing a proper site structure? This all takes time.

And if there’s one thing that you’re short of as a busy entrepreneur, it’s time.

That’s where LevelU comes in.

The LevelU Difference

LevelU isn't a typical SEO agency.

We won’t force you into a long contract.

We won’t copy some half-baked, flavor-of-the-month strategy.

We won’t tell you that SEO is a crap shoot with no predictable outcomes.

We won’t make you wait years for results.

Instead, we’re so confident in our process that we refuse to get paid until we deliver results.

That’s right - unlike other agencies that leave you high and dry once you’ve paid a hefty retainer,

We’ve completely flipped the script and guarantee that you will get results because otherwise…

Well… we just wouldn’t be in business anymore.

*cue angels singing*

We won't get paid until you get paid first from our SEO.

Now, you might be wondering what this means or how this works.

It's simple - we'll get you page 1 rankings, and then only charge a small percentage of the revenue that traffic is directly responsible for.

This means you get access to our proven SEO system, but without any of the risk of having to pay us a "monthly retainer" while we're still getting rankings.

So why can we make an offer like this with such confidence?

Because we always deliver results.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it, Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying:

And Just Look At Some Of
These Results:

50,000 to 100,000 visits/mo in just 4 months

4x Monthly Organic Traffic in less than 2 months.

0 to Hero. Fresh eCommerce Site Reaches 2400 visits in 3 months.

Manufacturing SAAS gets 3x Website Visits
in 4 months.

Who Do We Work With?

We won’t work with just anyone.

Frankly, we aren’t a big enough team to provide the massive value that we insist on if we take on too many clients.

So we need to be selective and work on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you want to take advantage of the LevelU difference and accelerate your growth, you must be:

  • Looking to grow, and fast.

  • Able to handle an influx of new customers.

  • Willing to put in the work and act on our recommendations to achieve success.

  • Able to hire new employees and improve your systems to cope with increased demand.

  • In a position to leverage top Google rankings to continuously scale your business with the massive influx of new customers and revenue.

  • On the other hand, we’re not for you if you’re:

  • Lazy or difficult to work with.

  • A jerk. We have a strict no-asshole policy.

SEO isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

Our SEO service is for growth-focused businesses who are willing to invest in their websites to achieve their goals.

Book a Call Today

If you’re hungry to grow your site by ranking for the best keywords, we want to talk to you.

That’s why we’re offering you a free consultation call.

We’ll discuss your current situation and your goals. We’ll share how our proven system can help you achieve them.

I should stress that this won’t be a ‘sales call’.

It’s a strategy session to help us both understand if we’re a good fit.

My philosophy is to always offer value whenever I can.

So, on the call, we’ll share bespoke advice for improving the rankings for your top keywords.

If we're a good fit to work together, we'll invite you to move forwards with us. If not, we'll respectfully let you know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEO still work in 2022(and is it worth it)?

Are people still using search engines?

As long as search engines exist, SEO marketing will be KING when it comes to generating organic traffic.

So yes, SEO still works in 2022 just like it did 10 years ago and will work decades from now too.

While what Google wants to see on your site might change from year to year, there are general qualities Google always falls in love with.

These are:

These are:
  1. Valuable content.
  2. Authority(quality backlinks).
  3. A strong website structure(technical SEO).

Of course, a proper SEO markteting strategy will incorporate many more elements to have the strongest edge, but these three are the core of what will make a website rank.

Investing in your website and turning it into a ranking machine will have your business raking in free traffic and customers for years.

How long does it take to rank page 1?

99% of SEO agencies out there will be wishy-washy about how long it takes to rank on page 1…

If we take you on as a partner, we guarantee results in 4 months at most. If we don't, then you are protected under our guarantee.

For us, SEO is more than a job.

We thoroughly enjoy optimizing websites and turning them into cash-generating machines for our clients.

It’s a matter of pride. If we don’t hit our targets, we don’t question the “randomness of Google rankings,” or rest on the belief that “SEO is supposed to take a long time”.


If we don’t hit our targets, then WE are to blame. Either we were way off in our estimates (doubtful), or we need to rework our process.

Nine times out of ten, changing our process has resulted in massive improvements to our work.

What’s your guarantee again?

We charge a fraction of the results and value we bring to your business.

More specifically, we charge 1/3rd of what you would have paid Google to acquire the valuable traffic that we bring you.

This means that we refuse to get paid until we deliver results.

And that we guarantee that you will get a positive ROI from working with us.

Do you do Ecommerce SEO?

If there’s a product out there that has people looking for it, you can bet your bottom dollar we can make a dominant SEO marketing strategy for it.

Whether you're a small mom-and-pop shop looking to expand into the online markets, or a powerful brand with a powerful message, we can help you conquer Google rankings.

Act Today

I’m sure I don’t need to emphasize the unique nature of this opportunity.

By giving us a small amount of your time, we’ll hand you the keys to top search rankings and floods of traffic.

Even if you choose not to work with us, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors.

That’s why we don’t expect to be able to offer free consultations forever.

Our SEO experts’ time are valuable and as LevelU continues to grow we will need to start charging for these sessions.

So don’t hesitate.

Book a call with us today and take the first step on your path to earning floods of traffic from SEO.